Catagory: Comedy

     MPAA Rating: R

     Owned By: Keith

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Movie Details:   Blake Edwards' 10 stars Dudley Moore as George, a Mancini-type songwriter. Approaching middle age, George feels as if life is passing him by especially sex life. He becomes obsessed from afar with the Jenny Bo Derek, who is engaged to be married. He follows her to Mexico without her knowledge. George arranges a meeting with Jenny by saving the life of her fiance David (Sam Jones). Once he has made her acquaintance, George discovers that he is basically too prudish and set in his ways to begin an affair; in addition, Jenny is hardly the "unblemished" girl he thought she was. Sadder but wiser, he returns to the arms of his longtime lady friend "Sam" (Julie Andrews). Beyond renewing the popularity of Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" and turning Bo Derek into a star, 10 was also one of the most successful Blake Edwards films in years. It is distinguished by the usual quota of cruel slapstick (mostly directed at the accident-prone Moore) and scatological jokes, attractively packaged in Edwards' typical Laurel-and-Hardy deliberate comic pace.