Throw Momma From The Train

     Catagory: Comedy

     MPAA Rating: PG-13

     Owned By: Kevin

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Movie Details:   The "exchange murders" plot gambit, played with utter solemnity in Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, is used as the launching pad for raucous laughter in Throw Momma From the Train. Director/star Danny DeVito plays a middle-aged bachelor, totally dominated by his gorgon mother, played with hilarious ferocity by Anne Ramsey. Billy Crystal co-stars as a creative-writing professor, saddled with a vituperative, thoroughly despicable ex-wife (Kate Mulgrew). Signing up for Crystal's writing course, DeVito has trouble at first with character development and construction in his stories. Crystal recommends that DeVito watch a screening of Strangers on a Train, which he considered a model of tight, concise storytelling. DeVito is so entranced by the film that he decides to emulate Strangers star Robert Walker. That is, DeVito wants Crystal to bump off his mother, in exchange for DeVito's murder of Mulgrew. Without being asked, DeVito does away with Mulgrew (or so it seems), then hounds Crystal to the point of killing Ramsey. This being a comedy, the actual consequences of the swap-murder plot aren't nearly as calamitous as in the Hitchcock film. Cinematographer Barry Sonnenfield would apply the "black humor" lessons learned in Throw Momma From the Train for his own directorial debut, The Addams Family (1991).