Love Story

     Catagory: Drama

     MPAA Rating: PG

     Owned By: Keith

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Movie Details:   In director Arthur Hiller's surprise-hit weepie based on Erich Segal's novella Ryan O'Neal plays Oliver Barratt IV, a comfortably-off Harvard pre-law student who falls in love with Radcliffe music student Jenny Cavilleri (Ali MacGraw), a freewheeling, delightfully profane product of a blue-collar Italian/American family. Oliver's father (Ray Milland) heartily disapproves of the subsequent marriage and cuts off his son's allowance. Despite financial travails (the pampered Oliver actually has to go to work!), the couple is blissfully happy....until Jenny is diagnosed as having one a diseases that consigns the victim to an early death, but which leaves said victim looking like a million bucks even on the brink of Eternity. The movie's catchphrase "Love means never having to say you're sorry" became the stuff of parody as Love Story went on to gross more money than any Paramount production before it. This enormously successful film inspired an execrable sequel, Oliver's Story.