Ma & Pa Kettle (Volume 1)

     Catagory: Comedy

     MPAA Rating: G

     Owned By: Keith

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Movie Details:   The Adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle, Volume 1 is an entertaining film compilation and, given its generous running time and low price, one difficult to complain about. The two-sided single disc in a slipcase contains one classic A-movie comedy, The Egg and I (1947), starring Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert, and three B-movie comedies -- The Further Adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle (1949), Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town (1950), Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm (1951) -- built around the two characters played by Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride, and all for the cost of a single, front-line DVD release of a modern title. The movies are in good shape, mastered in full-frame (1.33:1), though it's clear that Universal has not done any serious searching for materials. The best of the movies, Chester Erskine's The Egg and I, looks clean, though very slightly soft, as though the source were not quite the 35 mm answer-print or first-generation negative that would be ideal; it's not that it's bad in any way, just not as perfect in its sharpness as it should ideally be. The later Ma and Pa Kettle movies here actually look very slightly better than the first two pictures in the collection. The Egg and I comes with a reissue trailer, and The Further Adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle has the original trailer, which opens with Main and Kilbride addressing the camera directly, re-using a gimmick that turns up at the opening of The Egg and I involving Claudette Colbert. Each movie has been given a very generous 18 chapters and comes with a selection of Spanish and French subtitles with optional English captions. The triple-layer menu on each side opens automatically, offering the side's film selection and the feature selection on each movie. The annotation and plot descriptions are minimal, but adequate