Guilty Conscious

     Catagory: Thriller

     MPAA Rating: R

     Owned By: Kevin

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Movie Details:   Richard Levinson and William Link took the "fantasy murder" concept popularized in the classic Preston Sturges film Unfaithfully Yours (47) one fatal step further in Guilty Conscience. Criminal attorney Anthony Hopkins wants to divorce his wife Blythe Danner, but will have to clean out all his assets to meet her alimony demands. With the help of mistress Swoosie Kurtz, Hopkins plans to murder his spouse and thus stave off financial ruin. But how best to pull off the dirty deed? Conjuring up an imaginary alter ego (also played by Anthony Hopkins), the attorney cerebrally stages several murder scenarios before hitting upon the perfect scheme. The fact that linear time is ignored throughout Guilty Conscience keeps the audiences on its toes: Are we watching another imaginary killing, or is this one the genuine article?