Ready to Rumble

     Catagory: Comedy

     MPAA Rating: PG-13

     Owned By: Dawson

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Movie Details:   Can two inept amateurs help a fading wrestling star make a comeback? A veteran professional wrestler (Oliver Platt) is no longer winning matches, thus disappointing his fans, especially a pair of grappling enthusiasts (David Arquette and Scott Caan) who regard the aging fighter as their hero. They come up with what they believe is a foolproof plan to put their favorite fighter back on top: they'll pose as a wrestling tag team, stage a match with their favorite, lose in a truly embarrassing manner, and thus clear the way for his comeback. But is returning to the top of the card really this simple? Ready to Rumble also features John Goodman, Martin Landau, Jack Palance, and Rose McGowan, with several stars from the WCW professional wrestling league playing themselves, including Bill Goldberg.