Funny Farm

     Catagory: Comedy

     MPAA Rating: PG

     Owned By: Keith

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Movie Details:   Like the earlier The Money Pit, The Funny Farm brings several elements of the 1940s classic Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House kicking and screaming into the 1980s. Chevy Chase stars as a Manhattan-based sportswriter who is sick unto death of the big-city rat race. Perhaps if Chase could move to the tranquil countryside, he could get his head together. That's his first mistake. As has become traditional in Chevy Chase films, the subsequent gags are hit and miss, with more misses than hits. Still, Funny Farm is worth watching if only for its hilarious finale. Also, the veteran production staff is impeccable: composer Elmer Bernstein, cinematographer Miroslav Ondricek, production designer Henry Bumstead, and director George Roy Hill (The Sting, The World According to Garp etc.)